Lets start things off with some good news. If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis it typically should not be treated as an end of the world situation for neither you nor your dog. Fortunately there are many stages of osteoarthritis–>hop link and most dogs fall within the first three. So now is a good time to take a few slow breaths of relief because it does not mean its a death sentence. It just means that you need to change your routine up a bit –> hop link

There are a lot of other common illnesses and diagnosis that can happen to a dog that would actually make me sad to write about. Arthritis in dogs is actually super common but there just isn’t enough awareness about it to start counter measures at a young age. How long a dog can live with arthritis just depends on the actions you begin taking with your pet from here on out. For read more on dog arthritis you can check out dogjointcarereview.com

What is Arthritis in Dogs

To keep things simple, if your dog has arthritis it means that he has an inflammatory disease within certain areas and joints in his/her body. The typical areas are shown in the image below.

dog joints

This just comes from the everyday routine of the dogs. Just like extreme usage and wear and tear has an affect on our human bodies, the same degeneration plays a role in our furry friends( A little faster rate).

The 3 Types of Dog Arthritis

Type: Cause: Cure Discovered:
Osteoarthritis Joint Deterioration From Wear and Tear No
Septic Arthritis Bacterial Infection Yes
Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis(IMPA) Ripple effect from weak immune system targeting joints *Depends on the illness leading to IMPA


Stages of Arthritic Disease In Your Pet

There are four stages for arthritis. Check out the table and see which one you’d rate your dog. The table consist from least damaging to extreme.

Stage: Symptoms: Counter Measures:
Stage 1 Ligament Injury, Surgery, or Joint Injury Joint supplements, weight control, exercise
Stage 2 Inflammation in the joints Joint Supplements, weight control, exercise
Stage 3 Lameness, Lack of desire to be active Low intensity exercises, Arthritis supplements,
acupuncture, laser treatment
Stage 4 Extreme lack of mobility, cries when joints are moved Usually stronger drugs and physical therapy
*Seek advise from your local vet

Stage 4 is an extremely painful experience for dogs. Unfortunately, the remedies for this stage has little effect. A vet might prescribe drugs such as gabapentin and amantadine. These drugs only go so far. Options for euthanasia are usually expressed at this stage if their are no signs of improvement.

Things you can do For your Dog after being diagnosed with arthritis

  • Create a better Diet
  • Buy Comfortable Dog Furniture
  • Use Supplements
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Medication

Spreading the news about joint deterioration in dogs

So unless your dog is immobile and in extreme pain to where he cant even get up then I hope you’ve changed your question from how long can my dog live to what can I do make sure he lives a happier and healthier life while having arthritis. Just doing a few of the solutions discussed above will make a big difference in the overall value of experience for your canine. Spread the news and help bring more awareness to osteoarthritis in dogs so that other owners can start making better decisions that align for a healthier future for their dogs.