Deciding when to euthanize your dog with arthritis can be one of the most difficult decisions ever. Unfortunately, they live many less years than us humans so this decision might be made multiple times if you have multiple dogs throughout your lifetime. There are two reasons one may decide to go through with euthanasia and that is old age or illness. Pet arthritis is a ripple affect of both of these reasons.

This emotional period causes you to take on the negative responsibilities as a dog owner. Its key to remember that whatever decision you make, its for your furry friend’s best interest. Living day to day with intense pain and lack of mobility isn’t the life we want for any of our dogs. Below you find some details on what to look for when making this decision to put your dog to sleep.

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When should you put your pet to sleep

When a dog is unable to walk that usually means its experiencing extreme amounts of pain. If your dog has already been diagnosed with arthritis then the pain level for immobility is usually still the same. We often receive mixed signals from our pets because they still have the mental drive to express love and affection for us by wagging its tail regardless of the pain. Medicine like Prednisone is only a short fix for situations like this.

Most vets will recommend euthanasia if a dog has developed a condition that they know wont get any better and will continue to cause extreme discomfort. Its usually better to make this decision earlier if your dog is immobile rather than late. At the end of the day we want our dog to experience the least amount of discomfort as possible. No one can make this decision for you . Deciding to go with euthanasia is always hard but most people usually know when its time. If your dog is not experiencing this level of arthritis then read more about the other three stages in our last article¬† “How Long Can A Dog Live With Arthritis.”